ludmila betina

Liudmyla Betina

Director of the Center, teacher, educational consultant in the field of parent-child, family-school relations

"When we focus on the good, the good becomes the best."

Odessa, Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky

angelica alexandrovich

Angelika Aleksandrovich

Practicing psychologist.
Specialist in weight correction and nutrition.

The areas of my work:
Depression, fears, panic attacks.
Family problems, relationship of spouses.
Children, teenagers, relationship with parents.
Personal problems and relationships.
Help in self-determination, self-esteem increase.
Anorexia, bulimia.
Cellular Nutrition Consultant.

I take a holistic approach to health.

victoria varvarina

Victoria Varvarina

Family counselor, trauma therapist, psychologist, teacher

Individual and family counseling, work with people who have experienced traumatic events. Counseling is aimed at eliminating deformations received in childhood and life difficulties that have arisen.

The result of counseling is a fulfilling and harmonious life.

sergey betin

Sergey Betin

Pastor, Physician, Consultant, Counselor

“Most of all, a person needs a hand stretched down, which would lift him up.”
- Seneka
Odessa - Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky

roman schetinin

Roman Shchetinin

Consultant of Family Relations and Work-Team Relations

Hello, Dear Visitor! Thank you for your striving to make life better and for taking steps in this direction.

My specialization is helping to build healthy, happy family relationships and resolving conflicts.

tatyana poltorak

Tatyana Poltorak

Practical psychologist-consultant on family and child-parent relations

There are times in life when you do the usual things, but you are faced with unpleasant results.
At the individual consultation, we will discuss in detail the things which worry you. You will be able to find a way out of difficult life situations, overcome stress and depression, resolve internal conflicts, improve relationships with your loved ones and with your colleagues.

I provide individual and family counseling, correctional and developmental work, I work with children and teenagers.

Odessa – Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky

vladimir alexandrovich

Aleksandrovych Vladimir

Individual psychologist and family counselor

I have been conducting individual and group consultations for over 15 years, and my experience shows that nothing is impossible for a person who is striving for change.

tatyana poltorak

Georgiy Ovoshchnikov

Psychologist, therapist, chaplain

Psychotherapy gave me the opportunity to see the reality of my life as it is and accept myself as I am, it gives me the opportunity to help others in solving life's problems.


Vladimir and Angelika

We work in tandem with your family

The joint work of two psychologists is effective when consulting a married couple or the whole family:

We deal with:
1. Misunderstanding between spouses
2. Problems in the parent-child relationship
3. Relationship problems
Different variants. We provide group family therapy.
As a result you can have:
- Mutual understanding
- Restored relationship
- Love and peace in your home
We can come to your place.
You can come to our office. We can meet  where it is comfortable and convenient for you.
Also, working together, we conduct trainings for companies.