vladimir alexandrovich

Vladimir Aleksandrovich

Personal and family psychologist

More than 15 years of individual and group counseling. I know from my experience that there is nothing impossible for a person who is committed to change.

About myself: Married, have two beautiful daughters!

The main areas of my work:

Depression, stress, fear, apathy.
Resolution of internal conflicts. Addictions.
Overcoming difficulties in interpersonal relationships.
Help in self-determination, self-esteem increase.
Development of self-confidence.
Setting and achieving goals.
Finding the meaning of life.
I provide counseling in person and via Skype.

During the counseling session we will be able:

To understand yourself and understand what is really important and valuable in your life.
To learn how to communicate with loved ones and to resolve conflicts.
To get rid of laziness, to develop willpower, to learn how to motivate yourself and achieve your goals.
To recognize and overcome barriers and to build warm and open interpersonal and family relationships.


Moscow Institute of Humanities and Economics, specialty "Psychologist, teacher of psychology".
Department of Applied Psychology Christian Humanities and Economics university.
Additional education:
Annual advanced training under the guidance of E. Langston Haygood,D.Min.,Ph.D, a professor of Samford university, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

2016 - Modern technique of bodily trauma therapy (20 hours), associate professor Karen Kaouk, Germany
2016 - nonviolent communication method- conception of M. Rosenberg (20 hours), Nayoma de Khan Certified CNC – Dr. Irmtraud Kaushat certified CNC-coach, Germany
2015 - Prevention and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, Ministry of healthcare of Ukraine, Ukrainian Research Institute of Social and Forensic Psychiatry and Narcology, PhD in Medicine I. Pinchuk, PhD in Medicine, Professor Olga Bogomolets
2013 - Lecture course “ Counseling of victims of abuse” “Post-traumatic syndrome: causes, symptoms , treatment”
2008 - training course “Counseling Relations of Adults and Children” (E. Langston Haygood, D.Min., Ph.D)
2008 - training course “ Psychiatry and Counseling” Psycological disorders” ( James Hall medical doctor)
2007-2009 - training course “Depressions, fears and other emotional problems” ( E. Langston Haygood, D.Min., Ph.D) Covenant Counseling and Education Center & The Extension School of Samford University, USA.
2007 - Biblical and Christian counseling (Clayton Quarterman, PhD, President of Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine).
2006 - training course ( Marriage and family counseling) 40 academic hours. (Covenant Counseling and Education Center & The Extension School of Samford University Birmingham, USA. E. Langston Haygood, D.Min., Ph.D).
2006 - training seminar “Addictions, diagnostics, therapy) (teachers Tammy Lynn Bond, MSW,LCSW, MTh, Becky Whitson, MA, Ed.S, CSAT, NCC).
2005 - educational-information center “OPORA” and NET TRAINING INSTITUTE, chemical addiction, 25 academic hours ( A.D. Shtulman, doctor addictologist)