angelica alexandrovich

Aleksandrovich Angelika

Practicing psychologist.
Specialist in weight correction and nutrition.

I have 20 years of work experience.

If you have questions of a psychological nature, if you want to find out your purpose, if you want to be realized in life, or to discuss confidentially your personal difficulties, you should contact me.

People often contact me if they need:
- To solve their personal problems and improve relations
- To overcome self-doubt, increase self-esteem
- Найти своё призвание и смысл жизни
- To find their calling and the meaning of life
- To overcome depression, fears, panic attacks, anxiety, bring back zest for life
How our sessions go: Our meetings can take place in person or online.
The psychotherapeutic approaches that I use in my practice:
cognitive behavioral therapy, elements of art therapy and gestalt therapy.


2006 - Moscow Institute of Humanities and Economics, specialty "Psychologist, teacher of psychology". Christian Open University of Economics and Humanitarian Sciences, specialty “ Counselor- Psychologist, Rehabilitation Psychologist”.
1992 - Odessa Institute of Marine Engineering with the specialty “Exploitation of marine transport”.
Additional education in psychology:
woman-studyAnnual advanced training under the guidance of E. Langston Haygood, D. Min., Ph. D, a professor of Samford university, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.  
2016 - Modern technique of bodily trauma therapy (20 hours), docent Karen Kaouk, Germany.
2015 - Practical training “Using metaphoric maps in psychological counseling in psychotherapy" (psychologist Garkavets O.M., the presidents of ГО СААТ).  
2015 - Training course “Prevention and treatment of post-traumatic  stress disorder”. Qualification of the instructor in prevention and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder ( the coach of the course. R. Franklin Puselik, Calofirnia, the USA  - the president of Pucelik Consulting Group.
2011 - Special course “Therapy for eating disorders” led by Lopotukhina Irina).  
2009 - Training course “Eating Disorders and Nutritional Disorders” (Lillian Barnwell Center for Eating Disorders).  
2008 - Training course “Counseling of adult-children relations” (Langston Haygood, D. Min., Ph.D).    
2008 - training course “Psychiatry and counseling” Psycological disorders” (James Hall medical doctor)
2009 - training course “Depressions, fears and other emotional problems” (E. Langston Haygood, D. Min., Ph.D)  Covenant Counseling and Education Center & The Extension School of Samford University, USA.
2009 - Special course “Psychological support of children and teenagers”, 72 hours (teachers A.V. Yashchenko, M.I. Meyerovich, L.I. Shragina).
2007 - Biblical and Christian counseling (Clayton Quarterman, PhD, President, Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine).    
2006 - training course (Marriage and family counseling) 40 academic hours. (Covenant Counseling and Education Center & The Extension School of Samford University, Birmingham, USA. E. Langston Haygood, D.Min., Ph.D).
2006 - training seminar “Addictions, diagnostics, therapy). (teachers Tammy Lynn Bond, MSW, LCSW, MTh, Becky Whitson, MA, Ed.S, CSAT, NCC).
2005 - educational-information center “OPORA” and NET TRAINING INSTITUTE, chemical addiction, 25 academic hours (A.D. Shtulman, doctor addictologist).

Personally developed method of intuitive eating

The technique is designed for effective safe weight correction and keeping it in a stable state. 16-hour- course.

During the course of the program, you will be able to:

- regain control over overeating.
- solve your problems so that you no longer jam them.
- learn to enjoy healthy eating.
- improve your physical and mental health.
- you will feel more confident and your self
- esteem will increase.
- your life will become rich and energetic, and you will not want to return to the old unhealthy lifestyle.

During the course we:

1. Define the problem to work on.
2. Find and eliminate the reasons of overeating. You will receive certain exercises and tasks which will help you to fully concentrate on solving the problem.
3. Keep a food diary and send reports every day. I will inspire you and encourage you to have the right lifestyle.
4. Draw up an individual nutrition program and start following the proposed menu and my dietary recommendations. Include supplements in your diet to help your body adjust to self-regulation.
Author and host of individual programs:
"Overcome and Reach"
"Self-esteem and self-realization"
"Psychology in Practice".

A loving wife and mother of two children. The wife of one husband.